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What Is A Hard Drive Crash?

wiahdcNowadays, everyone is online and use different computers and laptops to do their work, school stuff, and catching up with friends and loved ones. But if your computer suddenly crashes and blacks out, what do you do next? A hard drive crash is often called the “blue screen of death” which sucks all the stored data in your computer. What happens is the entire screen turns blue and you will be unable to access your files, photos, notes, and more. There is a difference between an operating system failure and the hard drive failure. Because compared to the operating system crash, wherein this is considered a logical failure, no matter what type of system you’re using – Windows or Mac – a hard drive crash is actually a physical failure wherein the hard drive has been exposed to either dust, rust, or what have you.

Fortunately, some hard drive failures don’t necessarily mean that all your data is lost (RAID servers, as an example, have different parameters). Some crashes just mean that your stored data is not as accessible readily but it is still intact, you just can’t get through to it. However, in some cases, a hard drive crash can mean absolute and complete loss of data, says this data recovery service, and in these cases, there aren’t much to do to recover said data.

Do Not Ignore The Signs Of Hard Drive Failure That May Be Right In Front Of You

While there are no clear cut signs of hard drive failure, there are some things that you can watch for in order to catch it before it is too late. What I mean by that is the fact that you do not want to lose any of your precious and often times irreplaceable files. Such as those photos, audio tracks, and cute or funny videos.

You would think that with the average lifespan of a hard drive being between 5-10 years you would never need to worry about it. Since we as consumers are replacing our computer equipment much more frequently than that. The issue lies with the fact that we are on-the-go community now and many have laptops or even external hard drives. These get moved around entirely too much which lessens their lifespan to approximately 3-5 years.

Be mindful and when and if you experience your computer getting slower, freezing up, or even if you get the blue screen of death. You need to immediately make a backup, do not delay this process. If you are having an absorbent amount of files that are corrupt or refuse to open at all, this is one of the most prominent signs of hard drive failure.

Clicking Hard Drive How-To

Imagine it: you’re working on a paper for school or for a report at work that has already taken almost eighteen hours of your day and as you are about to save the file, you suddenly heard a clicking sound and it seems to take forever before you finally get to save your draft. Are you about to panic? Don’t be, it might just be a clicking hard drive.

As one of the most important and sensitive parts of the computer, hard disk drives are where we store data. It is the part that works hard on storing, retaining, and retrieving all our files. Now a clicking hard drive sound may be annoying and might cause panic at first but don’t worry. Simply try to confirm first if it is indeed a clicking hard drive sound. If so, professional data recovery may be necessary. IF you have time, immediately start to backup all your data and files, if you haven’t already, then run check disk on your hard drive. See if there are any results on possible errors that are causing the clicking hard drive noises. Once you determine the cause of the sound, then you can go ahead and start fixing and troubleshooting accordingly.

There are 3 Comments to "What Is A Hard Drive Crash?"

  • Thad Wilson says:

    I’ve had a hard drive physically crash on me and I can tell you that it was one of the most terrifying experiences of my career. My job was so close to up in smoke that I was stressed beyond what a normal human should be stressed.

    It definitely taught me the value of a good backup drive, as well as keeping the number of a good provider (for me it was Hard Drive Recovery Associates) on hand.

    Like the cub scouts say, be prepared!

  • Triggerofthegum says:

    I can honestly say that there are a lot worse things in this lifetime that you could have than a damaged hard disk, but not a lot of things. I think you also have to recognize that having a damaged hard drive typically you cannot access your data, which also means you cannot work your computer, which also means that your hard drive may be completely broken. Obviously, nobody wants to be in a situation like this, but you have to recognize that it does happen now and again. Probably one of the biggest things in a situation like this is to make sure that you stay calm and don’t do anything rash. I find that a lot of real damaged hard drives tend to be as a result of people trying to mess with their hard disks when they really shouldn’t.

    I am not saying that I am the type of guy that is going to fear something like hard drive damage, but I will tell you that I have seen it before and also its effect on seemingly normal human beings. I think you would be surprised by the amount of panic that a person can experience when he or she had a hard drive crash that basically causes is hard disk to smoke or make clicking noises. These are typically common symptoms when you have a hard drive failure of some kind, and are warning that you should probably turn your computer off as soon as possible if you want to avoid permanent data loss. I expect that a lot of people who are reading this article have not actually had any kind of damage hard drive issue before in their lives. Well, you should consider yourself lucky because nowadays it seems as if hard drive is failing at a higher rate than they ever have; see here. Blame it on the technology, or the fact that we are using them more than we ever have before.

  • Rick The Trick says:

    I think people need to realize that they have to leave well enough alone, especially when they have some kind of serious hard drive damage.

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