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Looking At New Mathematics

THE public may be yearning for a return to the basics in public schools, but trend-setting administrators can’t get enough of innovations that are self-esteem-intensive and academically forgiving. Today’s lesson concerns California’s latest math curriculum, the new new math, where Read more ›

Changing UC Berkeley’s Admissions Policy

It’s true that some U.C. admissions policies needed fine-tuning. But the regents had in their midst–and chose to ignore–a workable model for reform: U.C. Berkeley’s undergraduate admissions policy. Over the past decade, the policy had been reworked several times to arrive at a delicate balance. It scrupulously avoided quotas, drew only from a qualified pool of applicants, weighed race against several other factors and quickly removed ethnic groups from its list as their lots improved. In short, it achieved what the convulsive national debate on affirmative action has been seeking: the elusive middle ground.

The seed for the regents’ backlash was planted last summer, when a frustrated father named Jerry Cook showed up at Connerly’s office with his wife, Ellen, and a blue binder full of numbers. Their son, James, had been rejected at U.C. San

Unix Remains A Flexible System

unixsAt the management consulting firm of Kestnbaum & Co. in Chicago, Systems Manager Joe Day got tired of waiting for OS/2. “Too little, too late,” he said. “It’s still so far off that we don’t intend to address it at all.” So Day made the move to Unix with a companywide network of 386 systems.

Day supports about 20 users who have a variety of jobs. “Some write C, some know statistics, some are secretaries who do word processing and electronic mail,” he said. “They can all use the system to whatever level they need. They all use multitasking, with several sessions running at any time.” A multiwindow interface makes it easy for novice users to keep tract of several tasks.

When companies move from stand-alone PCs to networks, most are concerned about two things: complexity …

BA Was Strong On IT From The Get-Go

basitSpeeding along the road to recovery from years of support problems and end-user revolts, Bank of America’s information center has opened four new retail stores that sell software, cabling and services — but only to the bank’s end users.

The concept of an in-house retail chain as the distributor of end-user products has been tried and has failed at other major corporations. But after a month of operations at Bank of America, users Read more ›

A Mouse Is Not Just A Mouse

aminaajmSince I wrote a column on mouse evolution back in July, I’ve had a chance to see new species in action and I’ve come to some conclusions.
The two alternatives I’ve worked with are Read more ›

Restaurant Software- The System of Business Accuracy

Restaurant software serves as the system that enables business accuracy in many aspects for retailers with a keen mind. On the part of the business owners, it provides the easy way to check all the financial information of the specific food service location. I am talking about everything from your inventory down to the cost of the stock and the possible profits that your business will have in the future. You can call up all of that information accurately and you can track down the exactly what you have on hand inside the restaurant. See more restaurant software at this POS system company site.

For the employees, it will change their function and provide them with a real ability to accomplish things like never before. If they are assigned to the kitchen, they can prepare the …