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Recovering From Crashing Hard Drives: Your Options

What do you do if your hard drive crashes? It’s a devastating loss to your life, regardless if you are a heavy or casual computer user. The hard drive of a computer is essentially its brain, and like the human body, a computer will experience system wide failure without its brain.

Hard drive recovery options depend on the cause of the failure. Ideally you would have invested in, or had a systematic hard drive back up system. However, if you didn’t, there are solutions available to you. Typically the first objective in recovering your hard drive is determining the cause. If you are able to do this yourself, you can then determine what is needed to repair it. In most cases hard drive recovery can be a costly and time consuming process. However, in some cases, if you have stored important information on your hard drive that you need, recovery is necessary (more about this here).

It doesn’t matter what you lost when it crashed. The value of these items in some cases Read more ›

Shippers Fight It Out With Network Systems

nsnHow do major international corporations prepare their computer systems for the new economic community that will form in Europe in 1992? A pattern for future developments may be emerging in the parcel-delivery game, and hardware platforms are key elements in the top two players’ game plans.

Top-ranked Federal Express Corp. is armed with Read more ›

Service Bureaus Still Have Importance

gcspThere are two ways to generate a 35mm slide from a graphics program: Take the job into your own hands by transmitting slide data directly to a film recorder or send your graphics files to a graphics service bureau. Each method has its trade-offs.

As service bureaus get easier to use, they appeal to users anxious to cash in on high-quality output without the headaches and expenses of 35mm slide production. “It’s like getting first-class vacation accommodations on a time-sharing plan,” said Herb Getzler, president of Magicorp, an Elmsford, N.Y., service bureau. “You don’t have to buy the facility you need only once in a while.”

According to startup business data tracking site, although there are not very many service bureaus in the United States, there is a lot of room for a dominant player.

Traditionally, film recorders have been expensive and finicky pieces of hardware. But that may be changing as the cost of personal film recorders decreases, and the quality and ease of use climbs. Magicorp’s Celco machines cost $250,000 apiece; the user pays roughly $12 a slide. Today, a variety of desktop film recorders are available for between $5,000 and $10,000. After purchasing the machine, the user pays only the cost of processing the film.

With affordable pricing available from both service bureaus and the film-recorder makers, the deciding factors are the time, labor and volume of slides produced. Read more ›

A Few Ways To Remove Skin Tags

afewwayrskSkin Tags are common growths that look like tiny, soft balloons of hanging flesh. While unsightly, they are completely benign, and a single person can have anywhere from one to hundreds of individual skin tags. Men and women are equally likely to develop them. Skin tags are typically about 2 mm-5 mm in diameter, but may grow as large as a grape (1 cm in diameter) or even a fig (5 cm in diameter). They are most commonly found on the base of the neck, armpits, eyelids, groin folds, buttock folds, and under the breasts. Of these, the neck and the armpits are the most common. Skin tags are believed to develop as a result of friction, either friction between skin and skin or between skin and clothing. Friction will also make existing skin tags worse. Try to avoid letting your skin tags rub against jewelry or clothing.

While they are sometimes confused for warts, skin tags are not related to warts, which are caused by the Human Papillomavirus, or HPV. Skin tags are not contagious, generally not cancerous, and do not generally cause pain or discomfort. However, they may occasionally require removal with a product like Revitol Skin Tag Remover when they become irritated and red from bleeding or black from twisting to the point where blood flow to the tag is interrupted and the skin dies. If you are concerned about your skin tags, or just want to get rid of them for cosmetic reasons, read on to learn about the most common methods of skin tag removal.

Small skin tags can easily be removed at home through a variety of methods. These include:

  • Tying off the tag at its narrow base with a piece of dental floss or string; this method is called “ligation” and will typically take a few days for the skin tag to fall off
  • Twisting the tag and allowing it to fall off naturally
  • Cutting the tag off with a pair of scissors

The advantage of using scissors is that the removal is instantaneous. The potential disadvantage of using scissors is pain and minor bleeding.

If you would rather have a trained medical professional remove your skin tags, this can be handled by dermatologists, family physicians, and internal medicine physicians. In the event of a skin tag that is on or very close to the eyelid margin, you may need to see an ophthalmologist.

A cheaper method to remove skin tags is by using a cream. Read reviews of skin tag removal creams here.

Small skin tags usually Read more ›

Daydreaming – Winning Proposition?

So let’s talk daydreaming. There’s not a person alive who hasn’t engaged in it, and most of the time it involves simply letting the creative juices flow about what might be in life, a healthy stimulant prodding us forward. But some daydreaming involves wishing we were “the other person,” someone we know or have seen and who we assume is better in every way than we are. This kind of daydreaming, if left unchecked, can begin to have serious psychological, emotional, and behavioral effects.

Let’s call this kind of daydreaming “envious envisioning.” It is both unhealthy and unwise. In envy, we negate in ourselves what we envy in another. For example, Chris is an attractive young man, talented, intelligent, with an outgoing personality. At least that’s the way I read him. He, however,

What Is A Hard Drive Crash?

wiahdcNowadays, everyone is online and use different computers and laptops to do their work, school stuff, and catching up with friends and loved ones. But if your computer suddenly crashes and blacks out, what do you do next? A hard drive crash is often called the “blue screen of death” which sucks all the stored data in your computer. What happens is the entire screen turns blue and you will be unable to access your files, photos, notes, and more. There is a difference between an operating system failure and the hard drive failure. Because compared to the operating system crash, wherein this is considered a logical failure, no matter what type of system you’re using – Windows or Mac – a hard drive crash is actually a physical failure wherein the hard drive has been exposed to either dust, rust, or what have you.

Fortunately, some hard drive failures don’t necessarily mean that all your data is lost (RAID servers, as an example, have different parameters). Some crashes just mean that your stored data is not as accessible readily but it is still intact, you just can’t get through to it. However, in some cases, a hard drive crash can mean absolute and complete loss of data, says this data recovery service, and in these cases, there aren’t much to do to recover said data.

Do Not Ignore The Signs Of Hard Drive Failure That May Be Right In Front Of You

While there are no clear cut signs of hard drive failure, there are some things that you can watch for in order to catch it before it is too late. What I mean by that is the fact that you do not want to lose any of your precious and often times irreplaceable files. Such as those photos, audio tracks, and cute or funny videos.

You would think that with the average lifespan of a hard drive being between 5-10 years you would never need to worry about it. Since we as consumers are replacing our computer equipment much more frequently than that. The issue lies with the fact that we are on-the-go community now and many have laptops or even external hard drives. These get moved around entirely too much which lessens their lifespan to approximately 3-5 years.

Be mindful and when and if you experience your computer getting slower, freezing up, or even if you get the blue screen of death. You need to immediately make a backup, do not delay this process. If you are having an absorbent amount of files that are corrupt or refuse to open at all, this is one of the most prominent signs of hard drive failure. Read more ›